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Welcome to the Simms Repair & Warranty Center

You are in the Online Repair Processing section of the Simms website. If you feel that your Simms product needs to be returned to the factory for evaluation, please follow the steps indicated. You will need to provide information about the product (item, estimated purchase date, problem/s) that will help our Repair Technicians in the evaluation process. You may return multiple items for evaluation - please make sure to identify each product/problem before exiting this section.

A printable bar code is available to assist in returning your Simms product for evaluation. This is not a prepaid mailing label. If you do not have a printer simply write the repair number on the box and send the item to the address provided.

This section also allows the user to check the status of a return throughout the evaluation and repair process. Please make note of the return authorization number and keep for quick access into the system.

If you are outside of the US or Canada, please e-mail our Customer Care Center at repairs@simmsfishing.com for assistance or reach out to the place of purchase for service instruction.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please email our Simms Customer Service Team at repairs@simmsfishing.com or call 888-585-3570.

PLEASE NOTE: When you are returning products to Simms for repair or warranty service, please make sure the items are clean and dry. Simms will return your product if it is not fit for repair.

Simms is not responsible for packages lost in shipment which do not have a repair number and a tracking number. It is required that you create a repair number, insure your package and get a tracking number. You will not receive the same box you send your product in with. Simms recycles all return packaging materials at the time of receipt.


Upon delivery of your package, items will take between 10-15 business days to be checked in for evaluation and visible under "Check On My Repair". Once checked in, an automated email will be sent to confirm the start of evaluation. This evaluation process takes anywhere from 3-5 weeks.

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